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1) Ready to sell? Planning to buy another home using a loan? Before doing anything, check with a good lender to verify that you will be able to get the loan you need to proceed successfully.

2) Has anyone ever accused you of being a packrat? If so, it's time to clear away the clutter. Have a garage sale, rent a storage space and get yourself down to the bare minimum.

3) Once your home is free of all excess stuff, take a look at the walls and flooring. Are there fingerprints, stains, marks, etc.? If so, fresh paint in a neutral color is one of the most cost effective ways to get top dollar, followed by flooring/carpeting.  Of course, some touch up paint and carpet cleaning might be all that's necessary.

4) Look at your house as you walk up to the front door pretending that you never saw it and are considering it as your future home.  How is the lawn, landscaping, paint, trim...

Stand by the front door for a couple of minutes (like buyers with an agent opening a lockbox may do) and look around.  Is it inviting, fresh and well taken care of or is there chipping paint, weeds & bare dirt in the "flower bed" ?  All of these details go into potential buyers minds either consciously or unconsciously and play a major part in their decision about which home is the best value.

5) Clean everything until it sparkles; especially kitchen, bathrooms and windows.

6) Call me. I'll prepare a market analysis that will show the value of your home using all of the same market activity and sale "comps" that are used by appraisers.  I'll preview your home, go over the entire sales process and we'll review the market analysis to help you determine the best asking price for your home and what you can expect to receive.


This will give us the opportunity to meet, get all of your questions answered and see if we're a good fit to partner in  completing one of the biggest transactions that you may ever undertake.


There is no cost or obligation for my consultation,




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 Top 10 Mistakes Sellers Make

All About Selling Your Home


Is it better to change the carpet and paint now

or offer an allowance for the buyers to do it?


Although the buyers may have a different idea of what they want, when the first impression is of fresh paint and carpeting, this is a

first impression of a home taken care of.  That makes it seem more valuable than a home that has an undetermined number of repairs necessary right from the beginning.

To you, that means that by investing some inconvenience and a minimal investment in paint and  carpet (if needed), you'll avoid  thousands of dollars in price reductions and weeks or months of extra marketing time waiting for those special buyers who can "look past" the necessary repairs.

Many sellers as well as agents  are truly surprised to find out  how many buyers do not have the ability to see past a dirty wall, stained carpet or stray clothes, paper or clutter.



  What about  those

  companies that advertise

  to put the house on the MLS

  for a small fee?